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Pick up your packages or ship your returns

We are an access point for UPS, FedEx Neighbor Express, Uniuni.

Note for Returns: We handle packages that have been prepared as per the shipping companies directions.

We scan them and it will be picked up.

Drop Off


Pick up your packages only. Uniuni is a 1 way shipper from ecommerce store to customer. Failed deliveries at the customer address, can be picked up here.

Neighbour Express

We are a drop off for Neighbor Express Returns. Only for returns of your packages, that are pre-arranged with the seller, can be dropped of here for return to the seller.

Find Us

Our store front is located at the rear of 1975 McCallum Rd
Parking is available at the rear of the Building. Use the Holland Ave access, from McCallum Rd.

Uptown Computers Map

We are a full service ship station for FedEx

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